On Wednesday, July 8, 2020, media representatives were given the chance to tour the iconic Ayia Napa Marina, and were provided with insight into the progress of construction works, while taking a close look at the now fully operational state-of-the-art “smart” marina facilities.

CEO of M.M. Makronisos Marina Ltd, Stavros Caramondanis, the Marina’s Deputy CEO, Haris Koureas, and the Marina Director, Costas Fitiris, welcomed journalists and voiced their excitement about the progress of the project, set to be completed in 2023. Aside from the marina itself, it includes 220 spacious and luxurious apartments in two impressive towers with endless sea views, 35 luxury villas, and a series of modern shops with all amenities and state-of-the-art equipment. “Upon completion of the project, Ayia Napa Marina will constitute the jewel of the entire eastern Mediterranean region and the ultimate maritime destination for leisure travellers and yachts,” said Caramondanis. “Aside from shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, the groundwork is also being laid down for the organisation of high-calibre events geared towards both residents and marina visitors.”

During the visit, media representatives were given the opportunity to board boats and tour the ultra-modern marina facilities which have been officially offering services to the general public from June 1st. Surrounded by docked boats, the highlight of the tour included a visit to the Control Room where journalists were informed about procedures and protocols regarding marina entry and exit.

According to updated Ayia Napa Marina data:


The project follows the original timeline set to a great extent. Following the lifting of emergency Covid-19 measures, construction works gradually resumed from the beginning of May. The overarching goal remains the same as always, implementing innovative approaches and utilising the most advanced technology, while making up for any delays to deliver the whole project in 2023.

The marina features space for docking and guarding of 600 yachts in wet and dry storage.  More specifically, 360 yachts up to 85 metres in length will be accommodated in the port area of the marina, the Dry Stack area will accommodate 160 yachts up to 10 meters in length, while an additional 80 vessels will be accommodated on dry land.

The commercial zone is expected to be complete and operational at the start of next year. This part of the project covers more than 4000 sq.m. with provision for restaurants and cafes, commercial shops, and parking capacity for over 550 vehicles.  Ayia Napa Marina will accommodate its own event centre, nautical equipment store, crew dining and entertainment areas, as well as its own spa & gym, yacht club and beach clubs.

With regard to residential development, the construction work of two impressive towers of over 100 meters in height continues, featuring 220 spacious and luxurious apartments with uninterrupted sea views.  The project also offers a selection of luxury villas, 11 of which are situated on the development’s West coast, 12 on the Marina Peninsula and 12 on the artificial island, each offering direct access to private docks.