The pandemic has definitely changed the way we live, function and operate.

One sector which is still heavily affected is the one of travel. Airlines struggle to stay afloat with most of them seeking and getting government support.

Personally, over half of my life, I have been travelling regularly with planes for training and competition purposes. In many occasions changing up to 3 flights to reach my final destination. Now I cannot travel that much since it is very inconvenient and, in many occasions, not possible.

The reasons are simple. Many countries have border restrictions, to enter you might need to be self-quarantined for 14 days (sometimes my trips don’t last that long) and the least they are asking is a negative Corona test. Meanwhile, you cannot plan in advance as government rules and restrictions are constantly changing, and the worst of all a lot of airlines stop operating their flights leaving much less travel options causing the prices in many occasions to be extremely expensive, supply and demand I guess.

Personally, at the end of October, I came to Croatia, with a one-way ticket which cost almost a plane ticket to the United States and back. 7th of December I flew to Malta where I am currently spending a lot of hours sailing on the water with big winds and big waves, conditions which I could face at this summer Olympic Games. Days on the water are very intense and tiring but this makes me feel full of joy and satisfaction.

I am hoping to be able to come back to Cyprus for the Christmas holidays to spend time with family and friends, but it seems that won’t be the case since Malta is still in category C country to enter Cyprus which means 14 days in quarantine (my trip is planned to be just over 14days).

Of course, I would love to be back in my island to visit again Ayia Napa Marina and witness the progress made over the last period, honestly, I can’t wait for this prestigious and luxurious marina to get finished and fully operating.