The new Vessel Check service of Ayia Napa Marina raises the level of maintenance and care of vessels.
Anyone involved in yachting is well aware of its nature. They know first-hand what an exciting, adventurous and invigorating experience it can be. An experience that requires a lot (endurance, time, knowledge), but at the same time offers much more in return. Yachting is not only for professionals or the jet set, but is aimed at sea lovers, intense emotions and is associated with that irresistible feeling of absolute freedom.
To enjoy the sea though, without risks and unpleasant surprises, you must have a seaworthy boat. Which means it needs to be in the best possible condition all the time. Early detection of any problems can prevent costly repairs in the future while a vessel in excellent condition operates smoothly and efficiently, offering an unsurpassed sailing experience. Ayia Napa Marina, with its dedication to providing a high level of service to boat owners, offers a range of dry docking and wet berthing options to suit their individual needs, maximizing time on the water and enhancing the nautical lifestyle.

The Ayia Napa Marina team consists of industry-leading professionals who combine technical expertise, deep knowledge and a genuine passion for yachts and nautical tourism in general. Combined with the state-of-the-art technologies and excellent infrastructure at its disposal, Ayia Napa Marina offers a full range of integrated services for pleasure crafts that includes the hoisting and launching of vessels with a crane capacity of up to 150 tons or a total length of 36m (LOA) (the largest available not only in Cyprus but also in the Eastern Mediterranean) and general inspection and maintenance including repair or replacement of worn material, water jetting of reefs, paint, engine maintenance, etc.

Recently Ayia Napa Marina has started offering yacht owners the innovative Vessel Check service which provides continuous monitoring of docked vessels ensuring they are seaworthy and ready for use at all times without hassles or unexpected incidents just before sailing. Through the periodic monitoring program and/or the 24-hour electronic monitoring with sensors, the proper functioning of the electronic and mechanical parts of the vessel is ensured. The check extends to all vital parts of the vessel, from the engine room to the electrical/electronic systems. This unique service is performed with two methods. With periodic physical inspection of the condition of the boat by the Marina staff and with 24-hour electronic monitoring with sensors inside the boat, which transmit information to the Marina Control Room in case of any malfunction.
Ayia Napa Marina will provide the Vessel Check service with a 40% discount on the original price until the end of 2024 to introduce the significant benefits it offers to the owners of yachts docked at the marina.