Gourmands are often the first to proclaim that the fine dining restaurant experience is all about exquisite details. A fully immersive culinary discovery that tantalizes every sense. It’s that feeling of anticipation when you are escorted to your perfectly set table, it’s the ambiance that lifts the spirits, the soft background music that soothes the soul, the stellar customer service, the knowledge that the best chefs are working their culinary magic with the highest quality ingredients in the kitchen.

Here in Cyprus, gastronomes from across the country and beyond have been gravitating towards Ayia Napa Marina and L’Atelier Robuchon for the ultimate fine dining restaurant experience, indulging in Joël Robuchon’s tantalizing and fresh take on French haute cuisine. This is where authentic flavours reign supreme, where chefs become storytellers, and where patrons delight in dishes served upon a star in the finest ambiance against the mesmerizing Mediterranean blue.

The star of the fine dining show: Getting to know Joël Robuchon

The late French chef, Joël Robuchon, is world-renowned for holding the highest record of Michelin Guide stars ever awarded in the world, at one time holding 32 Michelin stars across his restaurants. He was also notoriously hailed as the ‘Chef of the Century’ by Gault Millau guide in 1989. A true visionary, he revolutionized the fine-dining universe, focusing on simplicity, consistency, and excellence, while utilizing the highest quality ingredients, elevating hearty fare to a new level.

He pioneered the ‘cuisine moderne’ style of cooking, placing emphasis on a handful of ingredients where flavour was paramount.  At the age of 50, he retired from the kitchen, allowing him the freedom to travel and garner new influences, particularly from Asia. His time in Japan proved to be highly influential on his cooking style and he credited it with a heightened awareness of texture in his dishes. Upon his return to Europe, he created a new restaurant concept, inspired by the experience of the sushi counter. This marked the birth of L’Atelier Robuchon.

A theatrical extravaganza: The L’Atelier Robuchon Cyprus experience

L’Atelier Robuchon is famed across the globe and revered in the major cities in which it operates, from Paris, Dubai and New York to Hong Kong, Tokyo, Geneva and beyond. And now, it is Ayia Napa that has become a true fine dining Cyprus hot spot, significantly upgrading the island’s gastronomy map.

Reserve a seat at Ayia Napa Marina’s L’Atelier Robuchon and prepare to delight in an open-kitchen theatrical haute cuisine experience where award-winning dishes are sliced, diced, and sautéed to perfection in front of your eyes in a stylish black and red environment.

Notably, the highly reputed restaurant has won numerous awards over the years. In 1994, L’Atelier Robuchon was awarded ‘Best Restaurant in the World’ by the International Herald Tribune. In 2012, the Paris restaurant was in the limelight once again, voted 12th best in the world in Restaurant magazine’s Top 50. 

Around the clock: The immersive all-day Ayia Napa Marina Le Deli Robuchon

You certainly don’t want to rush the indulgent experience at L’Atelier Robuchon. But when you are ready to make a move from one of the finest and most romantic restaurants in Ayia Napa, there is much to enjoy in the commercial heart of Ayia Napa Marina, beyond the best fine dining restaurant experience. Delight in the scenic waterfront views with a leisurely stroll by the endless blue and make the most of the retail shops in the Commercial Village.

Do keep in mind that if you fancy a more casual yet sophisticated meal or a quick bite, you can also satiate the taste buds at the eclectic Le Deli Robuchon; a sophisticated all-day dining delicatessen. Or simply enjoy a caffeine fix, offering unique taste experiences to awaken and rouse the senses.

Well-known as the ultimate lifestyle destination in Cyprus, the world-class Ayia Napa Marina is the perfect place for well-deserved moments of total relaxation and recreation, with upscale leisure and entertainment facilities to suit every taste.

To reserve a table at L’Atelier Robuchon, email reservations@jrobuchoncyprus.com.
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