It has been said that sailing makes some people feel more alive than anything else they have ever experienced. Others describe the sheer joy of seeing new places from different preservatives as they approach dry land from the open seas.

While the entire Mediterranean region undoubtedly holds an everlasting allure, sailing around sunny Cyprus is an exceptionally magical experience. Not only does the island boast a stunning and exceptionally varied coastline, but the seas are usually calm and the weather often fine. Attracting enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world, there is nothing more invigorating than a Cyprus sailing adventure. Time to set out to discover the hidden treasures across the island, the most beautiful beaches and cosmopolitan seaside towns.

What is the best time of year for sailing in Cyprus?

Cyprus is ideal for a sailing adventure throughout the year. The summers are hot and dry, and the winter months are pleasant, with milder temperatures and some rainy days. Generally, Cyprus weather is blissfully warm all the way through until the end of November. Even in the winter months, temperatures rarely fall below 15-17 degrees Celsius during the day. By early March, the weather warms up once more as spring sets in. Winds throughout the year are usually light to moderate, depending on where you are on the island. Generally, the island is known for its south westerly sea breeze which can blow all year round.

Where to go during your Cyprus sailing adventure?

You’ll never feel bored during your Cyprus sailing experience. After all, there is so much to take in. And there are countless stunning spots to stop off for a bite to eat or dip in crystal clear waters. The western coast of the island is the most rugged, with many avid sailors enthusiastic about the cerulean seas around Latchi, Polis and Pomos. The south coast of the island is also popular, dotted with numerous sandy beaches and little fishing harbours. The seaside town of Larnaca often attracts diving enthusiasts who stop off in the region for a thrilling underwater adventure at the Zenovia Wreck – one of the best dive sites in the Mediterranean.

But if you want to catch a glimpse of some of the most beautiful beaches on the island, the east coast is the place to be. The waters here are crystal clear – perfect for swimming and snorkeling – and most stretches boast excellent facilities and flue flags. Before you set off on your Cyprus sailing adventure, take the time to read some online reviews about the beaches near the marina that you’re heading to. Have they been awarded a Blue Flag? And what kind of amenities are available? You want to be sure that you can enjoy a totally immerse and pleasant experience, with everything that you need at hand.

What to look out for before you dock?

There are several factors that you should consider carefully. First and foremost, make sure that you can dock in a secure marina that provides ample space for your yacht. Accessibility aside, health and safety certifications such as port/marina management are of particular importance, as are specific services and amenities that will ensure that everything goes smoothly during your stay. Fuel solutions and refueling services (especially outside working hours) are key. You will also be grateful for knowledgeable staff who can help you maneuver your boat in and out.

Ample and stable power supplies as well as clean water supply are crucial, while a connection of a high-speed internet connection will always make your stay easier. Be sure to also investigate the marina’s dry dock facilities available for maintenance and repair if required, as well as the available stores for necessities in case you need to supply your boat for any length of time during your Cyprus sailing experience.

Raising the benchmark for marina services, the Ayia Napa Marina offers state-of-the-art berthing facilities, with wet slips that can accommodate yachts of up to 110 metres in length. The Blue Flag awarded marina, ideally located between the beaches of Ayia Thekla and Makronissos, is an official port of entry to the Republic of Cyprus, and the first ISO 13687-1 certified marina on the island. A premier yachting destination in the Mediterranean, the modern and sophisticated marina offers a wide range offer a wide range of amenities and services to make your stay more comfortable, easy, and convenient.

Ayia Napa Marina has a significant mooring capacity and world-class yachting facilities for 600 yachts, a boatyard, and dry stack boat storage facilities of up to 10 metres in length. Amenities offered include conveniently located comfort stations with continuous supply of power and water, refueling stations, fiber optic, fire safety, 24/7 security, laundry services, showers and WC, internet access, a dedicated crew lounge and a yacht club. The marina also operates a Chandlery for the source of the necessary marine materials and boat accessories. Ayia Napa Marina boasts a scenic waterfront with a plethora of world-class dining experiences to enjoy throughout the day, as well as an array of boutique shops within the biggest commercial village in the area.