Hi all, hope you are doing well and getting back to normal routine,

We all experienced hard and peculiar times with lockdowns, quarantines and self-isolations. Some of us to a higher extend than others.

During these moments we appreciate small everyday things that life offers us. Such as, going for a walk next to the sea, enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with a good company, socializing with friends, outdoor activities, sport activities and many other things.

Thankfully, we are slowly getting back to normality within Europe, economies start to resume and regardless of the huge impact this pandemic had, has and will have on the world, we still have hope faith and positivity. That is our nature, is our way to survive, many times we fight against the odds and win. An important battle has been won but the war is still not over as several regions in the world such as Latin America, Russia, Arab countries and Africa are having their peak outbursts now.

My feeling is that Life will be hard to get back to normal without a vaccine. Therefore, we need to follow all hygiene rules and protocols to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe. What I don’t understand is that several countries have adopted very strict measures during the peak of the spreading in March and April and now they have completely loosened up, opening their boarders, increasing their exposure to risk from travellers. It feels very contradictive. Yes, economies cannot be frozen completely for months as people will suffer huge consequences which can even lead to death.

Progressive, strategic and adoptive measures, carefully monitoring the situation, in my opinion, are the best option. This would allow the health care systems to accommodate possible new peaks. In this way more human lives will be saved both from the hazards of the virus but also the hazards of a stagnated economy.

Let’s all cope with regulations, cooperate in respectful manner between each other and protect ourselves in this new stage of the Covid-19 summertime.

We meant to be fighters, let’s all become winners in this race.

Hope you have a safe and enjoyable summer.


Pavlos Kontides