The boat yard offers an extensive range of high-level professional marine services such as hauling, launching, and boat maintenance operations.

Hauling and launching

The marina’s technologically advanced systems and facilities can lift yachts of LOA up to 36 meters and 150 tons. Hauling and launching are done in two ways; using a negative forklift for boats stored in the dry stack facility, a mobile hoist with a dedicated lift well for larger yachts.

Boat Maintenance and Services

The boatyard features state of the art technology, such as a remote controlled travel hoist, cleaning, dyeing and repairing systems, which constitute it unique  in the Εastern Mediterranean region.

Travel Hoist – 150 tonnes Extra Services
Hauling & Launching Check-up
Maintenance Docking Dry Dock Washing
Rubbing & Antifouling
Scissor Lift
Toolbox & Equipment
Protection Shield
Protection Cover

Ayia Napa Marina is committed to taking measures that will protect the environment and in doing so has installed a hull-wash wastewater management system thus preventing any toxic particles and dissolved materials that could have an adverse impact on the environment from entering the sea.