Recruitment & Employment

Recruitment & employment plays a vital role in the growth of M.M. Makronisos Marina Limited. Acquisition of appropriate manpower through planned employment process ensures that the output at any level at any time matches the acceptable and expected quality standards of the organization.

The term Employment refers to the process of seeking, attracting, recruiting and retaining a pool of talented people from which qualifying candidates can be chosen for available positions / vacancies.

We treat our people equally

The recruitment and selection will be conducted in a manner that ensures open competition, equal employment opportunity, and rules out discrimination or favouritism regarding race, politics, religion, sex / gender identity, colour, ethnicity, origin, age, disability and is in accordance with the Company’s merit system.

Selection Criteria

Employment at the Company will take place through a transparent and merit-based selection process. The competence of the job applicants will be assessed against hard and soft skills to determine the most qualified individuals to fill job vacancies according to factors such as, but not limited to:

1) Qualification and Experience

2) Track Record

3) Integrity, honesty and reputation

4) Motivation

5) Conflict of interest

6) Test Results, where applicable

7)  IQ/personality test, where applicable

8) Interview

Training & Development

The people employed by the Company are its major asset, and the training and development of these employees is a key investment strategy for both individual and organizational success. The Company’s management provides systems and resources to meet the training and development needs of its employees, to fulfil organizational skill requirements to perform the job, and to provide individuals with career growth opportunities. Broadly stated, it is the Company’s business strategy to provide employees with training and development opportunities consistent with business and operational requirements, occupational categories, skill requirements and succession planning.

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